Oh How I Love & Hate Those Nikons!

I was so close to dumping all of my Nikon gear and switching to a Canon 5D rig. Until a friend told me how much she loved her Nikon D750.
At first I brushed it off b/c I was done with Nikon. I have always owned Nikon and though I only got into photography a few years ago I was convinced Nikon sucked. The amount of effort I had to put into getting tack sharp images in natural light was goofy and made no sense. Then I researched the D750 a bit, read a lot of comparisons and user reviews… BOOM! I was sold. Or purchased rather.
My old D7000 was sold and my D7100 is likely to follow soon. I could not be happier to see them both on their way and to have this new rig to play with! The D750 came with an off-brand battery pack & remote and a silicone skin so we will see how those hold up. The silicone will be stripped off once the honeymoon is over ;).


IMG_5952 IMG_5953
D7100 vs D750 with Battery Pack