I Am...

…ferociously dedicated to the work I do and the people I serve. I truly enjoy using my creative skills to help people solve problems and welcome a chance to work with you.

…an artist who loves each of the disciplines within which I normally work, graphic design, photography, and WordPress website development.

…a husband of 18 years to a truly amazing woman and a stay-at-home dad for three fantastic kids.

…an oddball in the way I love to design forms and flyers, posters and annual reports, but I do. Brings a tear to my eye when I think of the wasted time in the doctor’s office trying to figure out which box goes with which label on their forms. Why is that even a thing?


…an odder (cough) ball in that I am spellbound by WordPress and building websites. The process of gathering information and then crafting that into an interactive combination of graphics, images, animations, videos, written content, and forms… ?!!

I am all over that!