Yoga Portraits are My New Thing

Creating yoga portraits instantly became one of my favorite forms of photography. There are so many things I love about it including the fact that it is something I sort of stumbled into. Funny the way things work out sometimes.

So, making yoga portraits began as a mission to create some artwork for the walls in our home. My wife and I are both art lovers and while neither of us was opposed to hanging my work we both felt the nude stuff was better suited for strategic placement. We were looking for images to hang out in the open.

I had seen plenty of great dance and yoga portraits I really liked from people like Cassandra Orefice, and Omar Z. Robles and thought that kind of images would be great. I really liked the look of the early work I had seen from NYG and decided the silhouettes were the place to start.

I put out a few feelers in the local community and within two weeks I had a handful of yogis lined up and the first session scheduled.


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