Lessons Learned at the Demolition Derby

I have always been a big fan of cars, always loved playing in the dirt, and am all for putting the two together in a wide variety of ways. Among my favorites is the demolition derby.

(who else had one of these??)

I remember my reaction to the first derby I ever saw more than the actual event. The person who initially came up with the concept for the demolition derby definitely follows the, “Here, hold my beer!” approach to getting shit done. One can only imagine how that whole thing came about.

Two lessons I learned at the demolition derby:

  1. If an overturned vehicle catches fire and the flames start burning the tires, it is best to be upwind.
  2. The righteous way to dominate a demolition derby is in front of the wheel of a big-ass station wagon driving backwards.

As it turns out I have not had much cause to put these lessons to use however, they immediately popped back into my head when I received a call about making commercial images for professional sprint car driver Dakota Hendrickson.

Dakota is the son of a client I shot a headshot for a few years back. It took me exactly no time to respond when I found out he was looking for a commercial photographer to create some images for his website. He was particularly interested in getting some “green-screen” (chromakey) shots made and had access to a media studio at a local university that had a blue backdrop which was perfect for our needs.

The entire shoot lasted a couple of hours and when we were finished we had a good selection of images in various combinations of his racing gear. We also got in a little head start on a second shoot we discussed for another time.

Here is a sample of what we got: